About Garden

Nelson Mandela Gardens Limited is a hospitality hub founded by Dr Newton Jibunoh (D.Sc, OON). Its objective is to be seen as a conservation centre that espouses the virtues of nature, relaxation and comfort to the delight of its guests. It was established to commemorate the 95th birthday of the late African sage and world icon, by planting ninety-five trees in his honour and as support for the conservation of nature and its elements. The project is formally endorsed by the Nelson Mandela Family as part of the continuation of the “Mandela Is” campaign, which is aimed at the improvement of the African Man’s existence.

The Garden sits on 14,414 acres of choice land within the perimeter of the Asaba International Airport in Delta State, Midwest region of Nigeria. Given the non-apologetic espousal of the Mandela philosophy by Dr Newton Jibunoh and its synergy with his ethos, the Garden is the fourth official monument of such after similar establishments in Washington, London and Johannesburg by the Nelson Mandela Family to actualize the vision of the great icon Madiba.

In addition, we have world-class facilities which include:
A children’s play ground
A mini zoo
Lawn tennis court
Semi-Olympic sized swimming pool.

In the next phase of development (i.e. the third phase) the garden is scheduled to have the following facilities operational:

The Nelson Mandela Gardens …at home with nature.